I think she's showing off here.
John got out the camera, and
she lifted up her head and
started swinging it around.
"Look! I've got Mommy on my back!"
Calm and quiet.
She's so lovely, and she was so
delightfully behaved after 3 months
without being ridden.

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The last time I rode was in November 2003.
In December my back flared up.

Since then, I've had lots of doctor appointments and physiotherapy
(and an MRI, which confirms that I have a slipped disk),
but no riding. In fact, for more than 4 weeks I couldn't do much
but lie on my back. I hated it.

Recovery's been slow, but recently I've been feeling
a lot better. I talked to the physiotherapist about riding,
and she said, "Try it." So I hopped on bareback a couple of times
over the past week, and got off no worse for it.

So today I pulled out the saddle. Didn't do much--
could tell as soon as I got on that I couldn't do more than walk--
but I am very happy about it.
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